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The printer friendly version allows you to:

  1. Change the text size
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  5. Increase the space between each word
  6. Choose which vegetable or fruit you want to print
  7. Access the printer friendly pages whenever you want, for as long as you want

You can customize the printer friendly version so it is exactly the way you like! This can benefit you in many ways, including:

  1. Saves you ink
  2. Saves you time
  3. Makes more space for taking notes
  4. Makes the printed version easier to read
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...For example, say you want the information about carrots but not the information about yams, then you simply make the selection and the printer friendly version will not contain the information about yams.

You have the option of printing or not printing any fruit or vegetable. In addition, you have the option of whether you want the nutritional analysis for each fruit and vegetable be printed.

Another benefit of the printer friendly version is that 57 sample recipes are presented in a nice table format. This allows you to more easily see the sample recipes and of course, it makes printing the sample recipes super easy!

The printer friendly version also allows you to print each section all at once. With one click of the print button, you can print all of the pages in each chapter.

Best of all, the printer friendly version of juicingbook.com has everything that isn't necessary removed such as the navigational links, logo, etc. This is why it is printer friendly!

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Refund Policy

Contributions to the juicingbook.com web site are optional and help maintain the operation of this web site. Since contributions are optional and not required, your contribution to juicingbook.com is non–refundable. As a sign of appreciation, individuals who support juicingbook.com will have access to the printer friendly pages as mentioned.

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