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The "Juicing Book" at juicingbook.com was first published online in April, 2003. Since then, the "Juicing Book" has become one of the more popular sources of free information about juicing on the Internet.

The "Juicing Book" allows you to learn the simple secrets to making fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

The "Juicing Book" also provides you with plenty of free juice recipes and so much more!

juicingbook.com supplies the following raw and freshly squeezed information about juicing:

  1. 38 fruits you can juice
  2. 64 vegetables you can juice
  3. 57 sample recipes for you to try
  4. How to sprout nuts and seeds
  5. Plenty of additional tips, suggestions and ideas about juicing

juicingbook.com features more than 130 pages of juicy information about juicing but don't be alarmed — there may be over 130 pages of information, but this book is well organized and presented in a simple, easy to use manner.

Welcome to the "Juicing Book" at juicingbook.com

The Focus of The "Juicing Book"

Many people juice for health reasons and although many people have obtained health benefits from juicing fruits and vegetables, this is not the focus at juicingbook.com.

Health is an interesting thing as no two people are exactly alike. What works for one, may not work for another. Each person has individual requirements. Whenever one has a health problem, the reality is that one should always consult a professional health care provider such as a naturopath, homeopath, traditional Chinese herbalist or even a medical doctor.

While consulting a health care provider about your health is important, it's also equally important that you become an informed individual so that when seeking professional advice from a health care professional, you are more educated and aware of the choices and approaches available to you.

Since health requires individualization, the "Juicing Book" strives not to cure, but to educate so you can become more knowledgeable about holistic health. The knowledge allows you to become an active participant in your own health and when this happens, that's when you really begin to choose a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle — now that's an interesting thought. When one has a healthy lifestyle, then the thought process behind every action can only help one make healthy decisions. The "Juicing Book" hopes, more than anything else, to encourage you to think about a healthy lifestyle.

Juicing, by itself, does not create health or miracle cures. However, juicing is, or can be, part of a healthy lifestyle.

I juice because fresh juice actually tastes great!

When you enjoy drinking fresh juice, then you become a consistent juicer. With consistency, comes results.

The "Juicing Book" is designed to provide you with basic, yet highly informative, information about juicing vegetables and fruits. In addition, juicingbook.com provides you with 57 sample recipes for juicing — and ultimately, juicingbook.com is designed to allow you to create your own favorite juice recipes.

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Ask Jesse

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Easy To Understand

Juicing is fun!Juicingbook.com is designed to provide you with easy to understand information.

The 3 main sections of juicingbook.com are as follows:

  1. Information about vegetables.
  2. Information about fruits.
  3. Sample recipes.

When you visit the vegetable or fruit section, you are provided with basic information about the do's and don'ts of juicing. In addition, you are provided with basic information about each vegetable or fruit including an in–depth nutritional analysis.

The sample recipes are designed to help you get started so you can become your own expert juicer. Ultimately, you are encouraged to make your own recipes based on your likes, dislikes, budget, health situation, your geographical location and what is available or not available.

In addition to the main sections, there is also information on sprouting. This information is provided because some people enjoy juicing fresh sprouts. So if you are keen on juicing sprouts, then the section on sprouting will be of benefit to you.

Additional information is provided about juicing so you can become a well informed juicer and most importantly, a responsible juicer.

The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is groovy!The benefits of juicing have been well explained by many others. Hence, I will not go into great detail about the benefits of juicing.

In fact, I would prefer not to even talk about the benefits of juicing because as each person is an individual, each person will have different results. In addition, when a person is solely focused on the benefits of juicing, then they will only get disappointed if the benefits they hoped for do not happen.

When a person does not achieve their desired results, then they will stop juicing. But health takes time — health does not happen overnight. Juicing provides your body with extra nutrition. It's the nutrition that your body needs for good health. The body is a complicated vessel and it repairs itself slowly.

While the body may heal itself slowly, we humans can damage our body really quick, especially when you consider all the abuse that most of us humans put our fragile bodies through. So when you stop juicing due to "no results", you may be stopping too early. It's the consistency that ultimately brings results — conversely, it is the lack of consistency that doesn't give the body a chance to heal, improve, repair, etc so you can feel better, happier, healthier and stronger.

When you juice because you enjoy drinking fresh vegetable juice, then any benefits you obtain will be a bonus because if you ask me, drinking something that tastes great and is nutritious is benefit enough.

Saying all of this though, there are some significant benefits to making your own fresh juice.

The main benefit of juicing is that you provide your body with extra nutrition — plain and simple. But why is fresh juice such a good source of nutrition?

First, the juice is fresh; therefore, it's full of live enzymes which helps the body.

Second, when juice is fresh, it hasn't been pasteurized. Unfortunately, although pasteurization has saved many lives, it has also brought on its own problems such as nutritionally dead foods. Vegetables juices in cans or boxes have been pasteurized. The high heat required for pasteurization destroys vital nutrients within the juice. Many vegetable juices you buy will have a nutritional analysis on the can, but unfortunately, the nutritional analysis is done before pasteurization and thus can be misleading and even potentially false. By making your own fresh juice, you avoid the pasteurization process thus saving all of the nutrients and enzymes.

Third, it's easier to drink more vegetables than you can eat! We all know how important vegetables are to the human body, but unfortunately, it's not always possible to eat as many vegetables as we should. Drinking fresh vegetable juice helps take care of this problem. But, you must remember to juice responsibly.

Fourth, you make the digestion and assimilation of the nutrition easier for your body. Believe it or not, but your body is essentially a juice machine. When you eat a carrot, your body will digest the carrot and extract the juice to get the nutrition. By juicing, you extract the juice for your body. In turn this makes it easier for your body to assimilate the nutrition as your body doesn't need to work at breaking down the fruit or vegetable. While juicing saves your body the energy required to extract the juice (nutrition) from the food, it's still important to eat whole vegetables and fruits because your body still requires the fiber.

Fifth, fresh juice tastes absolutely delicious.

You know, the funny thing is that when you juice because you enjoy drinking fresh juice, the whole experience becomes enjoyable! Why? Because you are no longer focused on obtaining health, worrying about disease — all of which distracts you from enjoying the moment. As Bobby Mcferrin once said, "don't worry, be happy!"

Nothing New

Juicing is not a new idea. It's been around for a long time. Thanks to individuals like the Jay Kordich, aka "The Juiceman", juicing has been given a lot of publicity.

Since juicing is nothing new, neither is the information contained within juicingbook.com.

The "Juicing Book" at juicingbook.com is simply information that has been collected from various sources and then organized for your benefit. However, while the information is nothing new, the approach I take to juicing comes from a slightly different angle or perspective.

Many glamorize juicing just to sell their juicers or books. Me, I am not interested in that. I have no juice machine sales quota nor am I under any pressures to sell copies of my book (especially since I let everyone read my book online for free).

My approach is to actually remove both the glamor and hype and make juicing more practical — admittedly, this might make the concept of juicing boring, but the benefit is that then you will be more likely to incorporate juicing into your life for the long term.

At juicingbook.com I am a strong advocate of what I refer to as "responsible juicing", a concept you won't find anywhere else. I've also added the nutritional analysis for as many fruits and vegetables as possible so you can more easily discover what nutrients you are getting from your juice. The main reason why I added the nutritional analysis is so people, like you, will especially become more aware of the sugar content of the juice you are drinking. This approach to juicing is definitely different to others and while the approach may be different, the underlying theme is the same or similar to others.

Ultimately, I've added my own style of juicing to juicingbook.com and as you begin to juice, you will create your own style too. At this point, we'll both be groovin' to our own beat!

Consult Your Doctor

When you juice, you are drinking a concentrated form of the vegetable and/or fruit. At the same time, the nutrients are released into the bloodstream a lot faster. This is especially true for sugar.

Therefore, if you have any health problems especially sugar related health problems, then you will want to consult your medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, etc. before juicing.

Also consult your health care professional if you are on medication as some fruits and/or vegetables may conflict with your medication.

"Juicing Book" Updated — October 2014

juicingbook.com has been updated to be 100% mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. juicingbook.com has also been updated to increase download speed — especially for those using mobile phones. This has required a site design update that should also make the site easier to use. Links have been made larger for devices that are tappable!

"Juicing Book" Updated — April 2009

juicingbook.com had a major update in March, 2009.

Updates include:

  • New web site design. The information is presented in a more clean, clear and crisp manner. This allows you to get the information you want more easily.
  • Print individual pages. Many pages can now be easily printed. While you can now easily print individual pages, if you want to print my whole book easily, then consider making a donation. Individuals who make a donation have access to the printer friendly section of juicingbook.com which allows you to print my whole book with the greatest of ease.
  • Syndication. Want to add some of the information from juicingbook.com to your web site? Now you can.
  • Fresh new content, along with some humor (or lack thereof) has been added to juicingbook.com.
  • Chinese herbal properties of each fruit and vegetable has been added when possible.
  • Pictures of fruits and vegetables have been added when possible.

About The "Juicing Book"

The "Juicing Book" was written by Jesse Dallas who promotes what he refers to as responsible juicing.

Responsible juicing is a phrase Jesse coined after watching an infomercial in which juicing was glamorized just to create sales. The glamorization of juicing, while exciting, has unfortunately encouraged people to juice in an irresponsible manner and in turn, many people fail to apply some common sense along with a few simple health principles to their juicing routine.

Jesse Dallas is self–taught regarding health and healthy living. Jesse's influences include his friends who are Chinese herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists and others that are like minded. Other influences include such people as Jay Kordich ("The Juiceman"), Dr. Bernard Jensen and others you have probably never heard of such as Master Lam Kam Chuen and Henry C. Lu. Additionally, Jesse is also inspired by teachings such as The Yellow Emperor.

The "Juicing Book" is not Jesse's first book. Jesse first wrote his now extremely popular book Pets Need Wholesome Food Also in 1995. If you are a pet lover, then this book will teach you how to make natural homemade pet food in a quick and simple manner.

Jesse believes in letting people read his information for free online. Thus both the "Juicing Book" and Pets Need Wholesome Food Also can be read online free of charge.


The "Juicing Book" at juicingbook.com is strictly educational in nature and not to be used as specific health or medical advice. The information contained within this book is not meant to be used as treatment or diagnosis for any health related problem.

The author is not responsible for any unfavorable reactions to recommendations contained herein.

Due to the fact that each person and situation is unique, the publisher encourages you to check with a qualified health care professional before you begin to incorporate juicing into your daily routine.

The information contained within juicingbook.com is not medical advice nor is it meant to be.

Readers should seek professional advice, preferably from a holistic doctor, before initiating any of the advice contained within this web site.

Acceptable Use Policy

The "Juicing Book" at juicingbook.com is a free to read e–book.

Some pages have a printer friendly link allowing you to easily print the page. If you wish to print the entire book, then I kindly ask that you make a donation.

After making a donation you will be provided with a special web page address. The special web page address will provide you with printer friendly pages that allows you to easily and quickly print this entire book.

This web site and book may not be printed and/or redistributed for profit! All violators who distribute this book for profit will be prosecuted.

Please remember, this entire book and all of its contents are copyrighted!

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