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Juicing while pregnant and breastfeeding (nursing).

I am expecting my first child in less than 1 month. I would like to try adding some fresh juices into my diet while pregnant and more so while breastfeeding to enrich my diet with nutrients. Do you have any suggestions?

Jesse's Answer:

To be honest, I am not one to promote juicing while breastfeeding (nursing) or while pregnant.

This can actually lead to a nutritional deficiency in your child.

Studies have found, as an example, women who take vitamin C whilepregnant or nursing can actually create a vitamin C deficient child oncethe nursing stops. Why? Well, the child was used to getting a certain amountof vitamin C while still a fetus and while nursing. But once this allstops, the vitamin C intake drops and now, the body is not getting thevitamin C is what used to getting. This leads to a vitamin C deficiency in your child and then leads to the health problems associated with a vitamin C deficiency. This principle applies to all nutrients, not just vitamin C which was used as an example.

It's for this reason, that if you want to juice while nursing or pregnant, then Iwould definitely suggest you consult a naturopath to get individualized and customized support. But I suspect you will find that most naturopaths will suggest that you do not juice while breastfeeding or pregnant.

I realize that some infomercials selling juice machines have promoted juicing while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is unfortunate even though their intentions may be truly genuine. But this is also why I am a strong advocate of responsible juicing.

Personally, the best thing to do in my opinion, is to eat a wholesome and healthy diet along with a good prenatal / postnatal supplement. Then once the nursing stops, then start your juicing program.

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