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Are There Harmful Side Effects To Juicing One Type of Juice Daily?

Are there harmful side effects to juicing one type of juice daily such as carrot juice?

Jesse's Answer:

Of course there are side effects to drinking just one type of juice daily.

This is similar to having a boat full of people but having everyone sit on one side of the boat. It makes the boat heavy on one side leading to animbalance which can cause the boat to capsize (tip over).

To make the boat stable, the passengers, cargo, etc must be properlyplaced all over the boat in a balanced and organized manner.

So it is with health. If you drink carrot juice only and daily, then you are going to create an imbalance — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen and when it does, you will wish you never did it.

Your body needs variety. You must have a variety. It's really that simple.

The difference between poison and medicine is all in the dose. If youhad carrot juice all the time, eventually it would become like a poisonand cause things like diarrhea, yellow tinting of the skin, etc. Fromthere, it only gets worse — how or what happens, it's hard to say. Each person will react differently to an imbalance but all imbalances start a chain reaction of health problems. First, the health problems are minor, then a little bit worse and worse — before you know it, you have a serious health problem all because something as simple as not having variety in your diet and life was not done.

We all know the dangers of being addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc — yet we often fail to overlook the simple addictions to juicing the same thing daily. While carrots, as an example, seem harmless when compared to alcohol, the reality is that just with too much alcohol, too many carrots are also not good. Of course, the body will benefit from carrots more than alcohol and so it will take a larger quantity and dose before the body gets too many carrots in the body but eventually it will happen.

All health problems are due to an imbalance in the body. The wise personaccepts this truth, embraces this truth and lives this truth.

We all know variety is important — we just have to embrace it.

It's the same with eating. If you eat the same foods every day, thenyou will not be as healthy as the person who gets a variety.

Of course, we all have our favorites — but this does not mean that wecannot and should not seek variety as well even if it means we have to force ourselves to have the variety.

In this case, perhaps having carrot juice two or three times a weekwill serve you well while trying to incorporate new juices into theother days. This helps to satisfy your likes of carrot juice (or any juice) while still getting a good and well balanced variety.

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