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Do you have some tips for IBS, constipation and gallstones?

I've had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with Constipation for over 20 years and just recently found out I have two gallstones. My holistic doctor has suggested I change my diet to strictly fruits, vegetables, ground provisions (yam, bananas, potatoes, etc), nuts and seeds, as my body is highly toxic (fungus). He also suggested fresh juices from vegetables and fruits, and my research on those led me to your site. Do you have any tips that will help?

Jesse's Answer:

Unfortunately, I don't have any specific tips that would help get rid ofthe gallstones but I do have a comment on gallstones. I also have some suggestions for the constipation and irritable bowel syndrom (IBS).

While I do have some thoughts on your situation, the best suggestion I can give you regarding your constipation, gallstones and IBS is to listen to your holistic doctor because he is aware of the whole picture whereasI am just aware of the symptoms you have mentioned.

When it comes to constipation, the one thing I would like you to be aware of is that in Chinese herbalmedicine, constipation indicates the body is hot. This is caused primarilyby diet and lifestyle.

Example... alcohol, deep fried foods, fatty foods along with certainfoods all add heat to the body. This heat then burns the moisture in thebowels. But in order to have good bowel movements, one must havemoisture in the bowels. Without moisture, the body becomes constipated.

So the constipation indicates your body is hot. Therefore, you wouldwant to consider juicing vegetables with a more cooling effect (yinenergy). I list the Chinese herbal properties of each vegetable andfruit when possible.

Some vegetables and fruits have a stronger yin (cooling) effect thanothers and potentially, that might be too much for you to start with.You might therefore want to juice mostly cooling vegetables with onewarming (yang) vegetable so you are still getting a cooling effect, butnot too powerful.

Cooling vegetables and fruits bring moisture to the bowels. But you justdon't want to irritate your IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Sleep is also another important consideration. If you go to sleep toolate, you make your body hot. This is because going to sleep latestresses your adrenals and hormones. So try to sleep before 10 PM, 11 PMat the latest.

When it comes to gallstones, you might find it interesting to know that this could be possibly linked to your hormones. Since the constipation and irritable bowel syndrome indicate you have a hot body, this could also potentially mean your hormones are not in balance.

You may also want to learn more about hormonal imbalances. I would suggest reading my friend's book The Hormonal Nightmare.

You may also want to consider consulting Dr. Seliski, ND, the author to see if he is able to help you get your hormonal level checked and then if out of balance, his help in balancing them. He's very knowledgeable on this subject and this can potentially help you a lot too.

The reason why I suggest this is because a common sign women have excess estrogen is gallstones.

Dr. Seliski, ND is really good at balancing the hormones and I am sure you will find this beneficial.

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