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Which Juices Would Be Good For Depression?

Which juices would be good for depression?

Jesse's Answer:

One thing I would suggest for anyone suffering from depression is that they consider consulting a Chinese herbalist.

Juicing can help with depression by providing the body with more yang energy. But the trick is, you need to get the body back to an even balance of both yin and yang energy which won't happen overnight.

Since reversing the depression won't happen overnight, you need to know how much yang energy to give immediately and how much to reduce the yang energy as you get closer to the balance of yin and yang.

The beauty of a Chinese herbalist is that they know just how far out of balance your body is, how much it has improved and how much further it must go.

Here is a simple example of how too much yin can lead to depression while the right amount of yang can help you feel alive:

Yin energy has a cooling effect on the body and if you can imagine yourself stuck somewhere freezing cold without much heat, you begin to slow down and you then begin to get depressed.

Conversely, if you can imagine being in a place where it is warm and sunny. Every day you see the sun, get a little bit of sun, etc, then you begin to feel alive and full of energy.

When the sun is shining, the birds are singing but in the dead of the winter, the birds have disappeared.

So if you can imagine, the sun represents yang energy, then we can begin to see that what we want is to consider using those foods that bring yang energy to the body — which helps to build the body with life and energy — the opposite of depression caused by excess yin energy.

When juicing, it is therefore better to consider those vegetables that have yang energy to counterbalance the yin energy in the body.

Many vegetables have a cooling effect on the body and so possibly, if you juice the wrong vegetables and/or fruits, then you can potentially make the depression worse because you will be providing the body with more yin energy.

When you consult a Chinese herbalist, you will get a customized blend of herbs that are specifically designed and blended for your situation. The Chinese herbalist would give you some herbs that you take home and boil. You would then drink the decoction and I have to be honest, it probably wouldn't taste delicious but the herbalist usually gives you some candy for after drinking the decoction. You can also add some honey to the decoction if needed — but I would suspect the herbs will actually have a slight sweetness to them rather than being bitter.

Consulting a Chinese herbalist would give you the best results in the fastest way. The reason why is because the Chinese herbalist would give you a balanced amount of herbs to help the body get back to a balance of yin and yang energy.

If one wants to try to balance their body themselves, which I don't suggest, then you will want to give some vegetables that have yang energy. One simple vegetable that provides yang energy is ginger. Another one would be green or red peppers.

Ultimately, you also need to look at one's overall lifestyle and look at what one eats, etc. There is something in one's lifestyle that is causing him too much yin energy which would lead to depression.

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