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Free Sample Juice Recipes

When you begin juicing, it helps to see some sample recipes. As a result, this section provides you with 57 sample juicing recipes.

Ultimately, after you have been juicing for a while, you will create your own recipes using the vegetables and/or fruits that you like.

Before you begin juicing please remember to read the basic do's and don'ts regarding juicing vegetables and fruits.

It also helps to read the basic information provided about the fruits and vegetables used in the recipes.

When you review some of the recipes below, you might notice some recipes use more carrots, apples, etc that what I suggest in other parts of my book. The reason for this is because some of these recipes are designed to help introduce you to juicing by creating nice tasting juice. In order to make nice tasting juice, sometimes we use carrots or apples because they have a nice, pleasant and sweet taste. With time, it is suggested that you reduce the amounts of carrots and apples so you lower the sugar content of the juice you drink.

42 Sample Vegetable Juice Recipes

15 Sample Fruit Juice Recipes

Hatha Yoga

Have you been wanting to do hatha yoga (stretching) but have found it either too difficult or you are not that flexible? If yes, and even if no, watch Jesse do some pure hatha yoga routines.

Unlike flow yoga, each pose in pure or traditional hatha yoga is held for a few minutes. While holding the pose, you focus the mind on the stretch. When you focus the mind, that's when you find silence.

Jesse is not flexible — never has been and probably never will be flexible like others. But it doesn't matter. In pure hatha yoga, how flexible you are makes no difference. It's all about loving the pose and focussing the mind on the stretch.

If you want to learn pure hatha yoga, now you can by following Jesse on a series of hatha yoga routines.

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