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Blanching vegetables before freezing

Do you recommend blanching veggies before freezing?

I bought a large quantity of green beans and want to freeze some so they don't go bad. The farmer suggested blanching prior to freezing but everything I've read says that has more to do with making them taste better... is it worth the hassle for juicing?

Jesse's Answer:

I've never really heard of this before. But who knows, perhaps the farmer knows something we don't!

In the end, I don't think it will make much difference. Blanching is useful in killing some bad bacteria and even bugs. Thus vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are two good examples of vegetables that benefit from blanching because the hot water kills things inside the florets. But for green beans, I just can't see much of a benefit.

Hatha Yoga

Have you been wanting to do hatha yoga (stretching) but have found it either too difficult or you are not that flexible? If yes, and even if no, watch Jesse do some pure hatha yoga routines.

Unlike flow yoga, each pose in pure or traditional hatha yoga is held for a few minutes. While holding the pose, you focus the mind on the stretch. When you focus the mind, that's when you find silence.

Jesse is not flexible — never has been and probably never will be flexible like others. But it doesn't matter. In pure hatha yoga, how flexible you are makes no difference. It's all about loving the pose and focussing the mind on the stretch.

If you want to learn pure hatha yoga, now you can by following Jesse on a series of hatha yoga routines.

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