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I am implementing several new diet, and exercise techniques in an attempt to improve my health, energy levels, and quality of life. I do not believe in drastic, or extreme changes, but I am interested in knowing more about the values of consuming raw vegetable, and fruit juices on a daily basis. Can you recommend a blend of fruits and vegetables that would be palatable, and promote better intestinal, and overall health - that could be consumed once a day?

Jesse's Answer:

I am glad to hear you are not doing anything drastic. One of the bigproblems people do is they go to the extreme and that leads to an imbalance.

It is said that elections are not won with the far left or far right votes, but with the mainstream votes. So it is with health. Good health does not come from being extreme, but rather good health and wellness happens by implementing reasonable and responsible health strategies.

What we want to do is incorporate smart decisions, not fanatical ones.Obviously, even making smart decisions can mean making big changes inone's life, but big changes are different to fanatical ones. Making wisechoices is simply wise.

What I would suggest for you is that you consider starting with somecabbage juice, some carrot juice and using something like celery orcucumber.

This would be a fairly good starting point. As you get more comfortablejuicing, try having other juices. While it's nice to have a juice thatis palatable, we ultimately want to juice vegetables that are not sopalatable — we even want to eat foods that we don't necessarily likebut know are beneficial. Why? Only in this way can we get a varied dietthat provides varied nutrition. Our body really needs nutrition from avariety of sources and one of the biggest mistakes people make is notchanging up their diet or juicing routine.

Juicing once per day is sufficient and really all that is needed for general health and wellness. Remember, it is the simplicity that brings consistency and it is the consistency that gets results. If you make your juicing routine too complicated, then you won't stay with the program leading to failure.

When it comes to intestinal health and colon health, remember the mostimportant juice of all is water. You need to drink lots of water.

When it comes to juices, you want to juice vegetables that have a cooling effect (yin energy). A cooling effect helps bring moisture to the bowels while a warming energy (yang energy) will burn up moisture in the body.

Here are some other pages with information that might be beneficial:

Next, when you cleanse the colon and intestinal tract, it is also important to replenish the body with probiotics (friendly bacteria). I would therefore suggest you consider using a friendly bacteria supplement. This way, as you clean the body out, the void is filled by friendly bacteria rather than bad bacteria.

I personally use The Feast which is a whole food supplement with 22 strains of friendly bacteria in it.

If you juice daily plus take a whole food supplement in combination with a wholesome lifestyle, then you will begin to experience the pleasuresof feeling healthier and stronger.

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Unlike flow yoga, each pose in pure or traditional hatha yoga is held for a few minutes. While holding the pose, you focus the mind on the stretch. When you focus the mind, that's when you find silence.

Jesse is not flexible — never has been and probably never will be flexible like others. But it doesn't matter. In pure hatha yoga, how flexible you are makes no difference. It's all about loving the pose and focussing the mind on the stretch.

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