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Please comment on a report that says beet juice can improve exercise endurance?

I have just read your interesting article on preparing beet juice. You advise mixing beets with other vegetables or apple juice. You also caution against consuming more than 1 to 2 oz. at a time.

My interest in beet juice was stimulated by a recent study done at University of Exeter in England. This study reports significant improvement in endurance during exercise and reduced blood pressure. However the amount used in this study was 500cc daily 916.91 oz. I would appreciate your thoughts and advise regarding this discrepancy.

Jesse's Answer:

In my opinion this study about beet juice along with many other studies looks with a singular view point.

In health, we must always consider the whole body as the view point.

All things in nature and the body must work in balance. As they say, the difference between poison and medicine is in the dose.

So while this study might highlight something interesting about beet juice, the reality is that beets are powerful and when not used in harmony, they can and do create side effects within the body.

More important than any study is something called common sense. We must always apply common sense to everything that we do. One simple realization is that beets, along with many other root crops, are high in sugar. Taking excess amounts of beets can and will potentially lead to diabetes.

A sugar is a sugar is a sugar... no matter what its form is.

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