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Is It Okay To Mix Apples With Vegetable Juice?

I have read on other sites and now on your site to not mix fruit and vegetables when juicing. This is disappointing! But makes sense to me so I understand. My question is about your vegetable juices that include apples. Why is that? Is apple ok to mix with veggies?

Just trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong.

Jesse's Answer:

Truth be told, when you juice you should be a vegetarian and when you eat, you should be a fruitarian.

What do I mean by this?

Fruit juice is really nothing more than a treat. That's how you should see it. On a hot summer day, enjoy some lemon and apple juice combined... or some watermelon juice. But other than a treat, you really get the benefits of fruits from eating them. Fruits are easy to digest and provide the body with the most benefits when eaten whole rather than juiced. There are situations in which fruit juice can be beneficial for health benefits, but generally speaking, eat your fruits and juice your vegetables (although you need to eat vegetables too).

Now when it comes to apples, they have a neutral affect on digestion and thus can be combined with vegetables. But saying that, limit the amount of apples you use because you want to be able to drink your juice with the least amount of sweetness possible.

Apples are primarily only added to juicing recipes to help make the juice taste better for those that are new to juicing. But as you get more comfortable with the taste of vegetable juice, then you want to reduce, limit or not even use apples in your juicing recipes.

The sugar in the juice is released immediately into the bloodstream and so it is really no different than eating sugar. A sugar is a sugar is a sugar... no matter whether it is white sugar or fruit sugar.

Of course your body requires sugar for health and living. But the problem occurs when you get too much sugar too fast.

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