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Juicing Gave Me An Upset Stomach

I have just started juicing. A friend gave me her juicer, an old one, she has many more. Since then, another friend of mine has been talking to me about juicing, and we just juiced together the other day. My friend juices about a liter of juice, and drinks it all! I was amazed! I thought that must be the way people do it. So I juiced carrots, a beet, an apple, and ginger and my stomach is upset. Could you point me in the right direction to understanding my body, and then knowing what veggies would be good to juice, and what would be good amounts?

Jesse's Answer:

The difference between poison and medicine is in the dose.

One liter — too much.

Like many people who are new to juicing, you have been influenced by all the hype that informercials and others say about juicing — it's so good or it's a cure all. But juicing is not a cure all. Health must always be individualized to the individual person. While juicing can help, it can also do harm. When done properly, juicing is and can be part of a healthy lifestyle for those who choose to juice. But when you juice, it doesn't mean you won't get sick and juicig is, by no means, a cure for every ailment nor a silver bullet for prevention. Unfortunately, like many beginners who are influenced by the hype, you probably looked at the ingredients, all of which are vegetables and fruits, and assumed this must be good for me, it's made from vegetables and fruit!

Unfortunately, you juiced with without realizing the herbal power of juice and without realizing the difference between poison and medicine is always in the dose. This is one of the fundamental principles I constantly remind people of.

When you juice responsibly, then indeed juicing can be part of a healthy lifestyle for those who choose to incorporate juicing into their life. But when you juice with recklessness, you will pay the price as you have done.

Although juice is made from from wholesome ingredients, we must always remember that juice is a processed food. This means that the nutrients are released immediately and quickly into the body. Instead of having to digest a whole food to extract the nutrients, the nutrients have already been extracted for us by the juice machine. This means that juice is a concentrated source of nutrition. The pros and cons of the vegetables are then magnified.

In your situation, I suspect your upset stomach is due to excess sugar in the juice creating what the Chinese would call dampness in the stomach and spleen leading to an upset stomach. Furthermore, the juice you may is very high in yin energy which cools the body too much.

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