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Should some vegetables be cooked before juicing?

Are there any vegetables that are better juiced cooked? For example, I like dipping broccoli in hot water for approximately 10 seconds to clean the pesticides out. Are there any vegetables that you like to do something similar to this, or even partially cook, before juicing?

Jesse's Answer:

You actually bring up a very valuable point. One that I forgot to add to my book but now will.

Indeed, dipping broccoli into some hot water to blanch the broccoli isactually a good idea. But I wouldn't do this to get rid of pesticides asmuch as it kills germs and bacteria stuck in the florets. Cauliflower and broccoli are two vegetables that can benefit from this. Any time thereis a tight floret, it's a good idea to blanch them first. Not to cook,but just long enough to kill the bacteria, bug and germs.

This is why, in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, many vegetables are blanched before cooking or why blanching is used as the cooking method.

Ultimately, blanching won't get rid of any pesticides as they go deep inside the vegetables. But the blanching can and will cleanse the surface of the vegetable along with cleaning inside the florets.

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