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How Can I Help Reverse Acne For My Son?

My son of 13 and I have been juicing each morning an each evening. We have looked at fruits and vegetables that will help him for acne and I just for health. Is there anything I should be aware of I don't want to do anything that would hurt him while I'm trying to help.

Jesse's Answer:

When it comes to acne, you need to remember this is often a hormonal related issue. If you really want to treat this problem fast and easily, I would suggest considering taking your son to a Chinese herbal. If you are able to do this, then the beauty of this approach is that your son gets the best herbal formula for his needs. At the same time, the herbs address the underlying issues.

At his age, herbs are all that are needed to address the hormonal issue. As we get older, we need biologically identical hormones as herbs can no longer help regulate the hormones.

Anyway, a Chinese herbalist can probably reverse his acne in about 4 weeks.

But if one is not available to you, what you need to realize is and what you need to focus on are foods and/or things in his life that are making, what the Chinese would call a hot body.

The heat rises up the body, like a flame going upwards, and like a volcano erupting, so does his acne.

So you need to remove those things from his diet and lifestyle that can lead to a hot body. You need to minimize sugar as well as that can wreak havoc on the hormones.

Sometimes, but not always, you might see a little bit of a yellow coloring on the tongue indicating the liver is hot. But you don't always see this. A hot liver can be related to anger issues as the liver is connected to anger.

Vegetables like dandelion leaves are good for acne and for helping to cool the body and restore the liver.

If a Chinese herbalist is not available near you, then focus more on cooling vegetables, minimize sugar and make sure he is getting exercise... avoid cold drinks and foods... you want to expel the heat from the body.

A list of cold, cooling, hot and warm vegetables and fruits can be found on my guide to feng shui juicing.

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