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Juice Combination For Liver, Kidneys, Bile and Overall Health

Is the compatibility in combining the following together; can they work together or should anyone (or more) be separated and taken separately?

My liver, kidneys and overall tonic combination as follows:

Basil, chives, fennel seeds, radish, rosemary, sarsaparilla and parsley.

Can these work and/or be combined together with out much concern?

Jesse's Answer:

Sure, the above juice recipe combination can be combined without any problems. Of course, no two people will react totally the same and thus, with any juice, one person may react quite well to the juice and another person may not. But overall, this juice recipe for the kidneys, liver and overall health is quite good.

This juice recipe is a good combination also in that it does not provide too much sugar— which is good.

The one thing that I personally would suggest or have you consider is adding another vegetable to the combination. Which one? It doesn't really matter. I would rotate another vegetable into the combination.

Example, one day add some cabbage to the juice. Another day, perhaps acarrot. Another day, perhaps some green peppers and so on.

Why would I suggest this? In this way, your body is never getting the exact same juice meaning the body won't get to the point where the juice no longer has an effect because the body is sort of immune to the juice.

Also, I would suggest adding or rotating different vegetables because inthis way, you provide nutrients randomly for other parts of the body.

Ultimately, to help the liver or kidneys, one must also support thewhole body.

The liver and kidneys are directly and indirectly affected by otherparts of the body. So by supporting other parts of body by juicing othervegetables, then you will help your body be even healthier.

One of the big mistakes that a lot of people make is they only thinkwith a singular concept rather than the whole body concept. This is probably the biggest difference between Western Herbal Medicine andChinese Herbal Medicine.

In Western Herbal Medicine, if something is wrong with the kidneys, they give herbs for the kidneys. But in Chinese Herbal Medicine, if something is wrong with the kidneys, they give herbs for the kidneys, the blood,the colon, etc. When you support the whole body, you get faster and better healing or health.

Also, please remember that dandelion leaves are a wonderful liver remedy— I am not saying you have to use them, but you can rotate dandelion leaves in when and if you want.

Please remember that the best kidney remedy ever invented is water.Actually, water not only benefits the kidneys, but the liver too. Somake sure you are also drinking lots of water.

Overall, I really like the combination you put together. The combination you put together actually highlights what I try to help people realize which is that you do not need recipes — you can make your own by following some simple principles and by employing common sense.

Your recipe encompasses what I refer to as responsible juicing.

One last comment. Please remember to not juice in excess. The blend you have is really nice but the difference between poison and medicine is always in the dose. So if you have too much, you can possibly irritate or inflame the kidneys, as an example. This is also why incorporating another random vegetable into the mixture is a good idea. You create a combination that's always changing slightly because this helps to minimize putting one part of the body out of balance.

Please also remember that my herbal tea page provides information on how to make a gentle kidney remedy using a few herbs, especially goji berries.

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