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What's the difference between eating fruits and juicing fruits?

I read that you prefer to eat fruits rather than juicing them because of the concentrated sugars, etc. What's the difference between juicing a fruit and eating fruits in its raw form?

Jesse's Answer:

Yes, eating fruits is far more beneficial than juicing them.

Fruit juice is more of a treat. The thing we must remember is that asugar is a sugar is a sugar, no matter what the form or origin of thesugar is.

When you juice fruits, you are essentially creating a processed food.While the fruit juice may originate from a whole fruit, it is nowprocessed. As a result, the nutrients in the fruit are now releasedquickly into the body and this includes the sugar.

When you juice fruits, it is easier to juice more fruits than what youcan actually eat. So in addition to processing the fruits, you are nowtaking in more fruit by juicing as opposed to eating. So not only doesthe processing make the sugar content go higher and faster, but now youare essentially consuming more fruits in the juice form.

When you eat a fruit, it takes about 30 minutes or so for digestion, while juice happens essentially immediately.

So when you eat a fruit, the sugar and nutrients are released fairlyfast, but nowhere near as fast as with juicing. That's why eating fruitsstill gives you some quick energy. But the whole fruits also help tocleanse your body... the lymphatic system, the colon, the kidneys, etc.Fruits are the cleansers of the body.

So yes, stick to eating fruits more than juicing them. It's still okayto have some lemon and apple juice on a hot day for its nice coolingeffect, but we don't want to make a habit of it.

Since fruits are easily digested anyway, we don't really need to juice them.

The act of juicing helps to release the nutrition so we can more easilyget the nutrients. If we all had perfect digestion and healthy diets,then we wouldn't really need juicing at all.

But with fruits, they are easy to digest and easy to eat. So juicingfruits doesn't really have as much benefit as juicing vegetables.Additionally, when we juice fruits we loose the natural cleansingability of the fruits.

So focus on juicing vegetables with fruit juice as a treat. Eat fruits,juice vegetables.

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