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What can I juice or do to help with my excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)?

I sweat profusely and what bothers me the most is the facial sweating. Anything can trigger the sweating: heat, exercise (it literally pours down), feeling nervous and there are times when I sweat at nights also. Nutritionally is there anything you could recommend? It's really getting me down and I would try anything that could help.

Jesse's Answer:

I realize excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be a serious problem but really, I wouldn'tworry too much. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) indicates an imbalance in the body, which in my opinion, can be easily fixed (in many situations) and without the use of medication. However, chances are you might need to consult a health care professional to ensure you properly balance your body.

Balancing the body is like landing a Boeing Jet — you need to land a huge and even complicated machine in the gentlest of ways by making minor adjustments to this and that. A health care practitioner is like the pilot with you as the passenger. If the health care professional works to properly balance your body, then it's like the captain of the jet landing the plane without much turbulence or bouncing on the runway.

In my opinion, the best person for you to contact would be atraditional Chinese herbalist which you can find in any Chinatown.

The reason why I suggest this is because it is, relatively speaking,quite economical but more importantly, I am quite sure that within 2weeks you will notice a significant difference in your excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and within 4 weeks I amsure you will find that it is no longer a problem. You may still need to consult the Chinese herbalist for longer than 4 weeks, but I would suspect that by 4 weeks you will feel like a normal person who sweats only as much as needed. In turn, this will bring a lot more confidence to your life along with peace and happiness.

In Chinese herbal medicine, excessive sweating would indicate that your body is too hot — or as they would say, you have too much fire. Nowexcess fire is considered to be one of the 6 evil qi energies. So whilethe only significant problem right now is excessive sweating, in the future this imbalance could potentially lead to other health problems unless the balance within the body is restored.

Too much fire or heat in the body can lead to other problems such asconstipation, mouth ulcers, pink eye, toothaches, sore throats, feversand a host of other problems. Perhaps you might even experience some ofthese problems on a regular basis too. But really, these are only minor problems compared to what could still happen if balance is not restored.

The reason why I suggest contacting a Chinese herbalist is because whilejuicing and lifestyle change can help to reduce the heat within thebody, to really make the biggest difference, you need the help of aprofessional who knows how much heat to reduce in your body, what combination of herbs to use, for how long and when to stop.

But saying all of this, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Try to get to sleep before or at 10 PM, 11 PM is pushing it a littleand going to sleep after midnight should be avoided. The later yousleep, the hotter your body becomes.
  2. Avoid spicy foods, BBQ foods, deep fried foods, fatty food, pepper,cold drinks, grilled foods (including toast), roasted foods, cold food, garlic, coffee and some other vegetables or foods that are high in yang (hot) energy such as eggplant.
  3. Begin drinking water — lots of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water immediately.
  4. Eat some fresh fruit such as apple, watermelon, grapes and some other fruits which contain yin (cooling) energy.
  5. You can juice some vegetables that have cooling (yin) energy such ascarrots, cucumber, mung bean sprouts to name a few.
  6. Consider eating some foods like tofu, bamboo shoots, mung beans, mung bean sprouts and lettuce. Don't eat lettuce every day as too many raw vegetables can lead to a stomachache. However, some lettuce salad once or twice a week will be okay while helping to cool your body. If you are able to buy some young coconut water, then have some of that too — a very nice cooling drink.
  7. Try to eat more steamed or boiled foods. Stir fries are okay but the stir fry will add some heat to the body but not as much as deep fried, grilled foods or BBQ foods.

Each vegetable or fruit listed in my book will tell you the Chineseherbal properties. Look for those that have cold or cooling effects onthe body and try to avoid those with hot or warming effects.

One of your best cures though is water. Make sure you drink yourwater — tea, sodas, coffee, flavored water, juices, etc do not count aswater. If it is not water and only water, it's not water. The watermust be nothing but water for it to benefit the body as water!

I am sure you will find, that with some lifestyle change combined withthe understanding of what causes this problem — along with the help ofa good Chinese herbalist that your problem will go away.

While you may sweat quite a bit while exercising, some exercise does help to also burn up the heat in the excess heat in the body. So if you are able to exercise, then consider doing so.

You may also want to consider consulting my friend, who is a naturopathic doctor if a Chinese herbalist is either not available or something you are not interested in. You can visit my friend's web site at The Hormonal Nightmare.

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