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What is the healthiest juice I can make?

Can you please tell me the healthiest juice I can make that is also low in sugar and fat by juicing vegetables?

Jesse's Answer:

To be honest, the healthiest vegetable juice does not exist.

Each person will have different requirements. Thus a healthy juice forone will not be as beneficial for others.

Ultimately, all juices are the healthiest in their own ways.

What you want to do is focus more on variety. Get a variety of nutrientsentering your body. So never juice the same vegetables for more than 4days. In this way, you get the nutrients from various vegetables helping to balance the body and keep it healthy.

You see, things like body type, location in the world, time of year(summer, autumn, winter and spring), etc, all cause us to need differentnutrients. So there cannot be a single juice that is the healthiest.

But you are right, focus on low sugar vegetables. The general rule of thumb is to juice those vegetables that grow above ground. These vegetables are generally lower in sugar than those grown below ground such as carrots, beets, yams, etc.

Saying that, it's okay and beneficial to incorporate the root crops, even though higher in sugar, because they have benefits too. But youjust want to juice them in smaller or more reasonable amounts so younever spike your blood sugar level too high.

Ultimately, vegetables do not contain fat. However, if you want to getthe most from your juice, then some healthy fat should be added to your juice. The reason why is because the body requires some fat to make a complete food. Even some protein should be added to the juice. In this way, you make your juice more effective.

Please read my juicing and supplements page to learn more.

Ultimately, don't fall victim of this low fat idea. Your body needs fat. But there is a difference between healthy fat and bad fats. Bad fats kill, good fats heal. The problem is that most people eat too much bad fat and lack the all important health fats.

Many of the low fat foods are not healthy for you. While I don't drink milk at all, I will use 1% milk as an example. If I were to drink milk, I would drink regular milk. When you remove the fat and make it 1% or 2%, then all that remains is the lactose. The lactose is a sugar which now, is free to enter the body quickly. As a result, the lactose spikes your blood sugar. What happens when your blood sugar is too high? Your bodymakes insulin. What does insulin do? It converts sugar to stored sugar... what is stored sugar you ask? Stored sugar is fat.

Sugar turns to fat. So low fat foods may be low in fat but low fat foods react within the body to create fat in many situations.

As a result, think whole foods.

This is why I tell people that juicing, while made from whole food ingredients, is actually a processed food. Like all processed foods, juice means your blood sugar level can be spiked leading to sugar related health problems. Some sugar is okay... it's the excess amount that's a problem and most people juice in excess. That's why I try to educate people about responsible juicing.

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