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Warts and Juicing

What vegetables are good to help get rid of warts?

Jesse's Answer:

This is both a good question and a tough question to answer.

Warts can, at times, be difficult to get rid of. From a holistic point of view, it is said that warts are caused by a virus in the body. Where the wart is located is where the body is trying to push the virus out of the body.

Some people can have warts for years and are never be able to get rid of them until one day, the body just says it's time for the wart to go. In other situations, the wart disappears naturally with the help of some natural remedies.

In my experience, warts are best treated using homeopathic remedies. Thus, I would suggest consulting a classical homeopathic doctor. A classical homeopathic doctor helps to address the underlying issue or cause of any health problem rather than treating the symptom itself.

It has been said that health is like an onion — you need to keep removing the layers until you get to the core. Thus, in some situations, before the warts go, other issues may need to be addressed and as mentioned, in my experience homeopathy is the best way to achieve this.

As much as I like Chinese herbal medicine, it's not as effective for warts because most Chinese herbalists see the wart more from a symptomatic point of view rather than the underlying cause. Thus most Chinese herbalist will suggest some sort of topical application to remove the wart.

One reason why many people have warts is because previous generations have had warts. Then what happens is the wart problem is passed on to future generations not physically, but energetically. Some people may need then a homeopathic remedy known as a miasm remedy. Miasm remedies are effective at removing blockages to healing. Myself, I was quite sick at the age of 25 and stayed sick for almost 1 year. As a result of my bad health, I understand the power of a miasm remedy because it was a miasm remedy that removed the blockage to healing which in turn allowed my body to heal. Although my body literally began to heal overnight (I could see the swelling in my feet disappearing almost instantly), it still took another 3 years for me to fully recover. Nonetheless, people with warts might find that a good miasm remedy is also for them. Only a classical homeopathic doctor will know for sure. In fact, the homeopathic doctor might say that no miasm remedy is needed at all and instead, one might just need a normal homeopathic remedy.

So while juicing can help to nourish the body and can help to alkalize the body which then creates an environment in which the virus does not like to live in, my experience still tells me that warts can be difficult to reverse unless you get professional help from someone like a homeopathic doctor. Even then, it can take time for the body to heal.

Dr. Hering, who lived from 1800 to 1880, said that:

  1. The body heals from top to bottom
  2. From inside to outside
  3. From center to periphery
  4. From the most important to the least important
  5. From old to new

Thus, when it comes to health and healing, although we want the problem to go away immediately, the body might have a greater plan which we have no control over.

Individuals who are health conscious owe a great debt of grattitude to these early homeopathic doctors because in order to determine what a remedy was good for, they took the remedy themselves to see which symptoms were created. Knowing which symptoms were created told them which symtpoms the remedy would alleviate.

In taking these remedies when they were not needed, in some ways, these early homeopathic doctors damaged their health so others would be healthy.

But in terms of warts, one thing you can do it to help topically is try applying some aloe vera juice or gel — fresh of from a bottle. One can also try applying colloidal silver topically. But these solutions, although helpful, may or may not work for you and ultimately don't address the underlying cause.

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