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What juice can help with arthritis and joint pain?

What juice can help with arthritis and joint pain?

Jesse's Answer:

Well, this is a tough question to answer. Arthritis and joint pain can happen for several reasons and it all depends on what is causing the arthritis and joint pain thatdetermines what should be done or used.

Injuries, poor diet, the wrong diet, the wrong foods, lack ofresponsible exercise, cold and damp weather, etc can all cause astagnation of energy, so to speak, in the joints leading to arthritis and joint pain.

If you experience the arthritis and joint pain more in the winter on cold and damp days, then you need to have vegetables which add heat (yang energy) to the diet.

But if you are experiencing arthritis throughout the whole year, then really is that it can be tough to say exactly what will work for you or for others. Instead, one really needs a solution that is customized to the person.

Although this may not be an answer you will want to hear, you may needto consult someone like a Chinese herbalist and take advantage of someChinese herbal tea remedies that you make yourself. The Chineseherbalist will give you customized herbs based on your situation andthen every week, they will change a little.

The tea will not taste good but it is customized to your individualneeds. It also is not a quick fix. To reverse arthritis and joint pain can and does take time. One must be patient and willing to accept that it takes timeto heal the body.

The thing with arthritis and joint pain is that if you do what someone else did for their arthritis, then it might make the arthritis and joint pain better, but it could also make it worse.

Not all arthritis happens for the same reason.

When you address the underlying issue and/or problem of your arthritis,then you get to the root cause of the arthritis.

You must also carefully look at your diet as that can have a huge impacton arthritis. Sometimes, in health, it's not what you do, butrather what you stop doing such as eliminating dairy from thediet. Many people have found that by eliminating dairy from their dietcompletely that in a few weeks, the arthritis and joint pain goes away completely. But of course, not everyone is willing to eliminate cheese, milk, etc from their diet.

Although removing dairy from the diet can have a huge impact, Ipersonally would still consult a health care professional like a Chinese herbalist because you must still rebalance the body.

If the arthritis is happening due to coldness and dampness in the bodythough, then simple warming vegetables can help. Ginger, basil, green onions, etc being a good a choice and perhaps you might find no need to consult someone like a Chinese herbalist. But health is like fixing your own car... if you don't know how, you go to the mechanic because otherwise you can makethings worse. It's the same with health. You can make things worse whenyou fail to harness the knowledge of trained health care professionals.

It's worth noting that arthritis medicine allows you to live with the pain of arthritis instead of curing it. This is the common medical approach.Other examples include insulin which only allows diabetics to live withdiabetes rather than reverse the condition.

So when you consult a trained health care professional, then you work to solve the underlying issue rather than treat or mask the symptoms.

Some people have used alfalfa juice (you can also try alfalfa powder ortablets), Devil's Claw and Fever Few. These are some herbal remediesthat have helped with arthritis but they are not guaranteed to work witheveryone because, as mentioned, it all depends on the underlying causeof the arthritis which can be different from person to person.

Dr. Bernard Jensen has often suggested the use of goat's milk wheypowder also due to its high organic sodium content. The high organicsodium helps to remove calcium deposits from the joints as does avocados. But goat's milk whey powder is easier to take on a regular basis.

Ultimately, it is more ideal to consult someone like a Chinese herbalistto get the exact remedy your body needs. Do consider your lifestylebecause arthritis is, as with most health conditions, affected by your lifestyle.

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