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What Vegetables or Fruits Can Help With Soft Stools or Diarrhea?

Are there any fruit or vegetable juices that can help with diarrhea or soft stools?

Jesse's Answer:

Any vegetable that has yang energy will do this. When using my juicingbook.com, simply look at the information for each vegetable. On the page you will find information regarding Chinese herbal properties. Look for vegetables that have a warm or hot effect.

Soft stools or diarrhea indicate the body has too much yin energy.When there is too much yin energy, then there is too much moisture in the body. Yin is a cold energy while yang is a hot energy. As a result, when you add yang energy to the body, you add heat which begins to burn the excess moisture from the body. But if you have too much yang energy then you will get constipation due to a lack of moisture.

Vegetables like garlic, ginger and green peppers are three vegetables that quickly come to mind that have yang energy.

Many times people get too much yin energy from eating too many rawvegetables and/or salads. The excess yin energy can also lead to astomach ache like feeling due to the fact the raw vegetables also create dampness in the stomach — not always but in some situations. The dampness creates a stomachache, much in the way you get a stomachache after eating too many candies. Sugar has the ability to bring or trap moisture in the body. So too much sugar creates a stomachache due to excess moisture in the stomach and in a similar way, too many raw vegetables will do the same.

Raw vegetables, for the most part, always contain some yin energy whilecooked vegetables begin to contain some yang energy. Raw has yin properties while cooking adds yang to the food.

Anyway, the point is that soft stools or diarrhea is often diet relatedand can be as a result of eating too many raw vegetables. This is one of the reasons why, in Chinese recipes, vegetables recipes are always cooked and usually contain either garlic or ginger, both of which add some heat to counter balance the yin energy of the vegetables. Conversely, in Chinese recipes, bamboo shoots or mushrooms are added to meat dishes because both have yin energy which counter balance the yang energy of the meat.

Also, since a lot of fruit has yin energy, excess fruits can lead to diarrhea or loose stools.

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