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I just started juicing this weekend. I'm using it as a supplement to my diet for loosing weight. Could you tell me if this is a good combination?

Carrot, celery, bok choy, spinach, parsley, cucumber and lemon. The taste is pretty good and mild... just want to know if it will serve it's purpose as a daily supplement to my eating healthy for loosing weight. I'm currently on the Atkins diet and hope to add juicing to my daily routine even after the Atkins. If this doesn't look right could you guide me to a vegetable juice that is good for detoxifying and weight loss.

Jesse's Answer:

Sure, your juice is okay. I personally wouldn't add the lemon though. I would have the lemon separately.

The key that you must remember is variety. Don't have this juice combination all the time. Switch it around. It doesn't mean you have to change every vegetable, but do try to change at least 2 or 3 vegetables every few days. Only in this way will you get the variety of nutrients needed for weight loss.

As an example, perhaps remove spinach and replace with cabbage, parsley with green peppers and carrots with beets.

See what I mean? Get a variety. Switching some of the vegetables so there is variety is how a wise person juices.

Ironically, Dr. Atkins wasn't a big fan of juicing. Why? Because juice is ultimately a processed food. As such, the nutrients, especially the sugar, are released into the bloodstream quickly. When the body gets excess sugar, the body produces insulin which takes the excess sugar out of the bloodstream and stores the sugar as fat. Ultimately, fat is stored sugar or energy.

While Dr. Atkins actually makes sense with what he is saying, we can juice responsibly so we don't significantly increase our blood sugar levels and yet, still get the benefits of nutrition.

Of course, when it comes to weight loos, one must make sure the rest of the diet is healthy. If one is juicing yet still eating junk foods, the rate of weight loss may not be what you were hoping for.

In some ways it is easier for men to loose weight than women because women may have hormonal imbalances affecting their weight gain (or loss) as well. Of course, men can have hormonal imbalances too but women tend to be more aware of hormonal imbalances.

While there are many factors that can help one loose weight, including responsible exercise, it is also important to learn to eat until two thirds (2/3) full. This is the Chinese approach to eating. It is said that when you eat too much, you do not allow the chi energy to circulate in the stomach. So get into this habit of eating until two thirds full. I am quite sure you will feel a difference in digestion and energy after eating this way.

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